Take Time Out for these Five Gifts of Health!

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Life coaches come in different styles and mine is a straight shooter. I love what she said to me during our last coaching session. I’d heard the saying and analogy before, but something in the way she said it hit me like a ton of bricks this time.

She hit me with the saying…

If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything.

Well, it is true! If you are too sick, you won’t be able to enjoy your free time, family, friends, or your finances.

Americans are very giving, to their work, their family, philanthropy, etc, but there comes a point when this giving can become an excess and create imbalances, in that they don’t have anything left for themselves!

Take the airplane scenario…

In the event that the cabin pressure changes what are you to do? Put on your oxygen mask, and then help others with theirs.

Let’s repeat this, take care of yourself first! Why not apply this philosophy prior to the emergency moment, and take this as a way of life. The more you give to yourself and meet your bodies needs (air, water, food, movement), the more you can help and give to others.

The holidays are a time of giving, and here a few gift ideas to give better health, which will give back in so many ways.

Five Gifts of health to keep your depression in check during the holidays

1. Massage: Research shows that many illnesses have some correlation to stress, and healing hands can help melt that away!1

2. Soak in Hot Springs: This special type of water that is found at some resorts or other natural places and provides some muscle relief and can be helpful for some skin disorders. 2

3. Fitness: Find out what type of activities the person likes, a kickboxing class, Zumba, yoga, etc and buy a one month package for them. Check out The President’s Challenge to learn more about different types of fitness: http://www.adultfitnesstest.org/

4. Check up: Has your loved one been to the doctor or dentist this year? Perhaps many people can chip in and make this happen. Regular check-ups are crucial for good health care and prevention. Don’t forget a vision check up too! For those without health insurance look into alternatives such as health coops.

5. Free Time: A most precious commodity, time always seems to be filled with “to do’s” that can wear us down. Offering to help someone with something on this list, or watch children for them so that they can have some time for themselves can provide them with a renewed sense of accomplishment or wellbeing of alone time.

Cheers to you in this holiday season, and remember just as you give to others, give to yourself; mind, body, and spirit are always in need of care from you!

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