Take Time Out for these Five Gifts of Health!

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Life coaches come in different styles and mine is a straight shooter. I love what she said to me during our last coaching session. I’d heard the saying and analogy before, but something in the way she said it hit me like a ton of bricks this time.

She hit me with the saying…

If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything.

Well, it is true! If you are too sick, you won’t be able to enjoy your free time, family, friends, or your finances.

Americans are very giving, to their work, their family, philanthropy, etc, but there comes a point when this giving can become an excess and create imbalances, in that they don’t have anything left for themselves!

Take the airplane scenario…

In the event that the cabin pressure changes what are you to do? Put on your oxygen mask, and then help others with theirs.

Let’s repeat this, take care of yourself first! Why not apply this philosophy prior to the emergency moment, and take this as a way of life. The more you give to yourself and meet your bodies needs (air, water, food, movement), the more you can help and give to others.

The holidays are a time of giving, and here a few gift ideas to give better health, which will give back in so many ways.

Five Gifts of health to keep your depression in check during the holidays

1. Massage: Research shows that many illnesses have some correlation to stress, and healing hands can help melt that away!1

2. Soak in Hot Springs: This special type of water that is found at some resorts or other natural places and provides some muscle relief and can be helpful for some skin disorders. 2

3. Fitness: Find out what type of activities the person likes, a kickboxing class, Zumba, yoga, etc and buy a one month package for them. Check out The President’s Challenge to learn more about different types of fitness: http://www.adultfitnesstest.org/

4. Check up: Has your loved one been to the doctor or dentist this year? Perhaps many people can chip in and make this happen. Regular check-ups are crucial for good health care and prevention. Don’t forget a vision check up too! For those without health insurance look into alternatives such as health coops.

5. Free Time: A most precious commodity, time always seems to be filled with “to do’s” that can wear us down. Offering to help someone with something on this list, or watch children for them so that they can have some time for themselves can provide them with a renewed sense of accomplishment or wellbeing of alone time.

Cheers to you in this holiday season, and remember just as you give to others, give to yourself; mind, body, and spirit are always in need of care from you!

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Liposome Supplements – Finding High-Quality Ones

What makes up a Liposome

It is important to understand that there is no single formula for manufacturing liposome encapsulated supplements. In fact, the various processes that can be used to manufacture them have been researched and studied for decades. Now that there are more liposomal products sold to the consumer market, it is a lot easier for experts to examine these products firsthand and determine what makes aspects of them good and bad. The kinds of tests these experts conduct on the liposomal products include particle size analyses, encapsulation efficiency tests, and ingredient analyses. The results of this research will determine the quality of the products.

There is no doubt that liposome encapsulated supplement products need to be manufactured using phospholipids. In order to encapsulate nutrients properly, the protective outer layers cannot be flimsy or break apart easily. Instead, they have to be durable enough to survive the digestive process. The only way this can happen is if purified sources are used to extract the phospholipids used in the liposomes. If you go to a health food store then look for sunflower lecithin, canola oil, and soy lecithin. These are the best sources to extract healthy phospholipids from if you are looking to manufacture the liposomes yourself. However, you aren’t just extracting one type of phospholipid. There should be a natural mixture of them in these sources. The two best phospholipids which should be extracted together are phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine.
To enhance the quality of liposome encapsulated products, they need to be manufactured with an equal quantity of nutrients and phospholipids. This will help the liposomes survive the digestive tract and allow the cells to absorb most of the nutrients. Liposomal supplements that have gone through a quality encapsulation process will have the quantity of the nutrients and phospholipids listed on the product’s nutritional label. If these quantities are about even in size then this is a good sign and an indicator that they are quality liposomal supplements.
Unfortunately, a lot of liposome supplements on the market don’t have equality between the phospholipids and nutrients because they were made by the emulsion process. In this process, there are more nutrients than phospholipids. If this is the case then the supplements will have less actual liposomes than they should have. This will result in more nutrients getting degraded in the digestive tract. In order to know if your liposomal supplement has gone through an emulsion process, look at the nutritional label on the back and see if the phospholipids are listed as main ingredients or other ingredients. If they are listed as other ingredients without any specific quantity mentioned then it will have fewer liposomes than it’s supposed to have. The reason why companies may use this process is because it is a cheaper and faster manufacturing method for encapsulation.
The kind of nutrients that work best with liposomes is water-soluble nutrients. But to create liposome encapsulated products that retain their quality up until the time of consumption, they’ll need to be protected from exposure to heat and oxygen. The problem with many liposomal supplement products is their capsules are packed into plastic bottles or jars. This makes the capsules susceptible to heat and oxygen as soon as the sealed cap is first opened. As a result, all of the unconsumed capsules still left in the bottle or jar will quickly become degraded from their exposure to the open air. The idea is to keep each capsule sealed separately from the air up until the point they’re actually consumed. So what you want to look for is unit-dose packaging in your liposomal supplement products. Unit-dose packaging is where each individual capsule comes in its own small sealed packet. Then when you are ready to consume the capsule you just pop it out of the packet while all the other capsules remain sealed in their own packets. This will maintain the quality of the capsules throughout the supplement’s shelf-life.
To sum up everything, there are three basic signs you need to look for to ensure you have a high-quality liposomal supplement product. You need a supplement that is not watery, that is not lumpy or gritty and has an equal amount of phospholipids and nutrients. To manufacture liposomal supplements like this, companies use special manufacturing equipment, high-quality raw materials, and numerous product tests to ensure they are made correctly. This is not the same process that goes into manufacturing dietary supplements such as powders and tablets. Because of this, you can expect liposomal supplements to cost about three times more money than dietary supplements. But on the upside, you will get quicker results with smaller doses of the liposomal supplements so they will last you a lot longer in the end.

In addition to taking liposome supplements, it is important to get a nutrition diet made up of raw food. This will allow you to meet your nutritional needs. It is important to not just rely on nutritional supplements alone. Sticking to a healthy diet is difficult, so it is often helpful to find ways to create motivation to achieve your goals. One way to learn motivation techniques is through an NLP training. An NLP training will teach you how to set goals and follow through.

The Magic of Liposomal Encapsulation Technology.” Anti-Aging: New Strategies Are Needed! Anti-Aging Research Center, n.d. Web. 02 June 2016.

Americans Must Hate Optimal Health

Twinkies optimal health

Health is a dirty word in America. Optimal health? Forget it.

The CDC data below proves most Americans to be health imbeciles. When we feel like crap, we might gobble down some antibiotics, sure.

But we’re too busy worshipping junk food to be concerned about health when there isn’t a crisis.

Twinkies optimal health
Americans build monuments out of different material.

Cynical? Nope. The facts speak for themselves.

American ‘optimal health’ at a (depressing) glance:

• 2.7% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle
• 10% have normal body fat percentage
• Less than 50% exercise
• 38% eat a proper diet
• Smokers make up 29% of the population, still!

Source: Oregon State University

Here’s some good news from the CDC. We’re killing ourselves:

optimal health

And we don’t give a flying fuck:

But at least it’s expensive – wohoo!

Source: Center for Disease Control

Is there any good news?

Not really.

Wait, human beings are living longer than ever! We must be optimal health junkies!

Bullshit. The average human lifespan has not changed in 2,000 years. The only statistic that has improved is infant mortality. We’re better at getting babies here alive, which is great. When you consider the lifespan of people who made it out of the womb alive, Americans have nothing over the ancient Greeks, except that maybe we suffer more chronic disease in old age.

Wait, we know more about optimal health than ever before! Right? The research, science, and technology surrounding health unprecedented! Besides, we have apps now.

We clearly don’t know enough to keep us alive and healthy longer. And we don’t care enough about reaching a state of optimal health, collectively, to put down the bag of chips and go for a walk.

Meanwhile, we complain about politicians who can’t seem to create a healthcare system to cover our asses while we suicide by Twinky.

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